Magnetic water treatment

Unlike conventional water treatment solutions, which mostly use chemicals, BLS Magnet’s magnetic systems offer an effective and environmentally friendly alternative. By using strong rare earth magnets (Neodymium Iron Boron), the existing scale deposit is thoroughly removed and the magnetic field prevents further scale renewal as well as the development of biofilms.

15 years warrantee


The high intensity magnetic field generated by the permanent magnets changes the crystalline structure of calcite which causes the scale deposit. The calcite molecules are thus transformed into aragonite molecules, about 50 times smaller, which do not aggregate and consequently flow more easily in the water pipes.


The anti-scale process described above facilitates the complete removal of the scale deposits, thereby gradually restoring the flow of water in very congested water pipes.


The magnetic field allows a significant reduction of the amount of organic molecules, bacteria and algae spores found in water pipes.

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    max outflow

    3/4’’ 3,2 285 224 76,1 30 Filetage 3/4’’ 3,5
    1’’ 4,7 285 224 88,9 42 Filetage 1’’ 4,5
    1’’1/2 7,5 394 323 114,3 55 Filetage 1’’1/2 8
    2’’ 10 480 411 139,7 68 Filetage 2’’ 10,5

    Technical specifications:

    Operating pressure: 10 bar
    Max temperature: 80° C
    Material: body AISI 304 - internal chamber AISI 316L
    Fluid: water


fade Swimming pools and spa fade Cooling towers
fade Agriculture fade Offices, hotels & hospitals