Wind energy

With an ever-growing demand for cleaner energies, the wind power industry has blossomed in the last few years and continues to expand despite economic turmoil. Downward price pressure from general economic conditions however forces wind turbine manufacturers to constantly cut down costs, which requires very reliable and efficient suppliers..

Your companion for high performance permanent magnets

Using permanent magnets within wind turbine generators greatly enhances the conversion of wind power to electricity compared with induction or wire wound generators. As a result, permanent magnets have increasingly become an essential component in the design of wind turbines, which involves selecting the most adequate magnetic material and grade along with the correct manufacturing process to prevent demagnetization caused by high temperatures. BLS Magnet can accompany you in your projects from the design to manufacturing and assembly of these permanent magnet assemblies.

A one stop shop for renewable energies: Your Energy Solution

BLS Magnet is an active member of Your Energy Solution, a unique initiative in France that brings together companies specialized in renewable energies. Asserting our presence in the wind power sector, BLS Magnet provides you with solutions that encompass our know-how in magnetic technology with the
expertise of renewable energies specialists.